Local Holiday Community Service Opportunity This Saturday Dec 15th

The program and laying of the wreaths at Mount Hope Cemetery in Valentine will be December 15 at 11:00 am.

Wreaths Across America at Arlington National Cemetery 2017


Luck of the Draw Pre-Event Ticket Sales January 18-February 4

Once again, 4-H youth will be challenged to sell Luck of the Draw tickets prior to the event on February 9.  Luck of the Draw is Cherry County 4-H’s only fundraiser for the year.  This is a way to generate excitement for the event and increase youth participation.  Each year the 4-H Council awards the top salesperson with a 4-H camp scholarship or Chamber Bucks. Watch for more details in the January Alerts.

Pick-A-Project and Goal Setting Workshop December 17

4-H Enrollment is in full swing!  On Monday, December 17, Michelle invites 4-H members to stop in the Extension Office for help with Pick-a-Project and goal setting.  She will be available from 3:45 pm – 6:00 pm and will have tools available to help 4-Hers and their families plan for the new year.  It’s also a great opportunity for those new to 4-H, or thinking about it, to ask questions!  If you can’t make it to this event, Michelle would love to set up appointments to help you get acquainted with program and plan for a successful year.  Contact her at mgarwood3@unl.edu or 402-376-1850.

Clover Kid Scratch Junior Digital Storytelling After School in January

In January, Clover Kids (ages 5-7) will have the opportunity to participate in a new digital storytelling learning experience with the app Scratch Junior.  There will be four after school sessions for this – each Monday in January from 3:45 -5:00 pm.  (These sessions build upon one another, so participation in as many as possible is recommended.)  Pre-registration is required by January 2 and space is limited.  All sessions will be held at the Extension Office.

NEW Awards Opportunities!

The Nebraska 4-H Diamond Clover program has been newly revamped for 2019!  It encourages 4-H youth to engage in a variety of programs, projects, and activities that will enable youth to acquire skills and abilities that will prepare them for success in the future. The program is designed to reach and recognize all youth engaged in 4-H, from club members and campers to school enrichment, afterschool, and special interest program participants.

The program consists of six levels that require a young person to plan and report a broad range of age-appropriate accomplishments. For each level, the Nebraska 4-H Diamond Clover program provides a list of accomplishments from which 4-H youth choose their goals. The accomplishments increase in quantity and difficulty for each level. At the beginning of the 4-H year, participants plan what to accomplish and at the end of the 4-H year, they report on their completed accomplishments. Successful completion of a level’s Plan & Report form results in a 4-H youth earning that level of the Diamond Clover program.

Diamond Clover Link: https://4h.unl.edu/diamond-clover

The Nebraska 4-H Gives Back program is an opportunity for a Nebraska 4-H member or a team of 4-H’ers to make a meaningful contribution to their community. This award recognizes the impact that 4-H youth make in their communities and celebrates the spirit of service learning, a pillar of the 4-H experience.

Nebraska 4-H Gives Back projects are advised by local committees and reviewed and recognized at the state level. Participants of the Nebraska 4-H Gives Back program receive an award and are showcased statewide.

To achieve the Nebraska 4-H Gives Back honor, a 4-H member or team must complete a major service-learning project that benefits his/her community. Each 4-H member or team are responsible for the creation, coordination, and implementation of the project. The project must be of lasting value and large enough in size and/or scope to be worthy of Nebraska 4-H Gives Back recognition. 4-H members should plan to invest over 100 hours of service, and understand that it may take up to 24 months to complete this project. The project includes an initial proposal and final report that are both approved and reviewed in a two-step process. Proposals are developed and approved first by the local committee, and then by a State 4-H Program Administrator prior to the start of the project. Upon completion of the service-learning project, a final report is created to be reviewed and approved by the local committee, and then by a State 4-H Program Administrator.

Recipients will receive individual certificates of recognition once their project is completed, as well as, a $100 award to be received by the team or individual recipient. This can be used to celebrate their accomplishments or fund a future 4-H project. Recipients and their projects will also be showcased by Nebraska 4-H online. Some counties may choose to recognize recipients at county award nights.

4-H Gives Back Link: https://4h.unl.edu/ne4h-gives-back

Nebraska 4-H Programs of Excellence is an award program designed to recognize 4-H groups, such as afterschool programs, school enrichment, or special programs, for providing high-quality educational experiences. Three levels are offered based upon the time spent in the instructional mode. Each level includes a set of required criteria, which programs must report on in order to receive recognition. Nebraska 4-H seeks to recognize entire programs, including instructors and youth participants of these programs. Prizes for youth and instructors, as well as curriculum materials for the highest level of involvement, will be awarded to recipients. Programs will obtain an award relative to the level they have achieved.

Programs of Excellence Link:  https://4h.unl.edu/programs-excellence

Omaha Fashion Week Experience

Over the last 10 years, Omaha Fashion Week has grown to the nation’s 5th largest fashion event. In addition to supporting more independent fashion designers than any other organization in the region, Omaha Fashion Week supports young fashion designers by providing mentoring, educational opportunities, and a professional platform to showcase work.

Nebraska 4-H is once again partnering with Omaha Fashion Week during their Spring Showcase.  OFW Student Night will take place on Tuesday, February 26, 2019 and will exclusively feature student designers, including a 4-H collection. This collection will consist of 10 to 12 garments from across the state. Each garment will be modeled by the 4-H member who made it. In order to create a complete and dynamic collection, interested 4-H members are invited to apply to participate in the show. The 4-H collection will be curated based upon the selection criteria as listed below.

Michelle is interested in taking a group of youth down to watch the show on student night!  Please contact her at 402-376-1850 by January 7 if you would be interested in a field trip experience.  At least one parent chaperone will be needed as well. 

Student Night Details:

When: Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Where: Omaha Design Center (near TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha)

Hair and Make-up will be scheduled for all models starting at 2:00 p.m.

Runway rehearsal will take place at 5:30 p.m. The show starts at 8:00 p.m. and will end around 9:30 p.m.


Tickets for the event are free to students who show their Student ID or are $10 for non-students. For more information about Omaha Fashion Week or to purchase tickets to this night or the entire week, visit http://omahafashionweek.com


Selection Criteria:

  • Participants must be current 4-H members.
  • Preference will be given to garments that were exhibited at the 2018 Nebraska State Fair.
  • Garments should be fashion forward, runway appropriate and display high quality construction.
  • Creativity and attention to detail are highly scrutinized in garment selection.

To Apply:

Complete the following application form: https://go.unl.edu/ofw2019  Applications are due January 11th.

Humanoid Robot State Team

RobotNebraska 4-H is searching for three different teams of 4-H high school students to build a portion of the humanoid InMoov robot!

What is InMoov? InMoov is the first Open Source 3D printed life-size robot that is replicable on any home 3D printer with a 12x12x12cm area. InMoov is conceived as a development platform for universities, laboratories, and hobbyist.

  • What will youth learn? As you co-build this robot you will learn about 3D printing, advanced robotics, and computer programming. You will have the opportunity to work remotely with other youth teams and exchange ideas and be part of a learning community.
  • Why is Nebraska 4-H doing this? At Nebraska 4-H we plan to use InMoov platform to research the social learning network where three 4-H student teams are involved in co-building of the InMoov robot. We believe that a key skill for the 21st Century Careers is the Ability to Work and Collaborate with Remote Teams. Through this experience, youth will acquire the necessary skills to be successful in the future careers.
  • How to Apply: Go to http://go.unl.edu/inmoov and click “Apply to Participate”
  • General Project Summary: Each team will be building a part of the robot. Two teams will create an arm (each) and the third team will build the chest/torso area along with the head. Teams will begin working on the robot starting January 2019 with a completion date of August 2019 in order to showcase the built robot at the 150th Anniversary of the Nebraska State Fair. Teams will be communicating and exchanging ideas with other teams as they build social learning networking.  Nebraska 4-H will be providing mentorship to each team as needed via remote mentoring conducted through live video conferencing.
  • Requirements:
    • Must be at least a sophomore in high school (no prerequisite skills required)
    • Project will need a local adult advisor to supervise the project (no prerequisite skills required)
    • Must be enrolled in 4-H by the start of the project
    • Must be able to dedicate 6 hours per week to work on the project
    • Must have access to a 3D printer (personal or community)
    • Must be able to work on the project starting in January 2019 and have completed by August 2019