Communications & Expressive Arts Contest

The important life skills of being able to speak before a group and to perform before a crowd can be strengthened by taking part in the 4-H CEA Contest on Saturday, April 20, at the Valentine High School at 10:00 am. Divisions include music, talent, public service announcements, speech, presentations and the newly added job interview contest.  Entries are due April 15. Go to to see complete guidelines and find the entry forms.


Job Interview Contest

A new contest, open to all youth ages 8 through 18, will be held along with the Cherry County 4-H Communications & Expressive Arts Contest. This is a NEW opportunity for young people to practice real-life career preparation skills. The contest involves a set of fictitious job descriptions that the participants use to prepare for the process of applying and interviewing for a position. Prior to the contest contestants will submit a cover letter and résumé written for one of three job descriptions: Veterinary Assistant, 4-H Camp Counselor, or Political Intern. On the day of the contest, participants will complete a written job application and an interview. Youth are encouraged to highlight their 4-H, community service, extracurricular, or work experiences in all aspects of the contest. This contest is open to all youth, regardless of 4-H affiliation. Complete details and an entry form can be found at