June 12, 2013

Livestock IDs

  • All livestock, including breeding heifers, stocker feeders, cow/calf pairs, FFA bulls, bucket calves, dairy, dairy and meat goats, breeding and market sheep, bottle lambs and swine must be tagged and ID forms turned in to the Extension Office no later than June 15.  4-H tags and ID sheets are available at the Extension Office.  ID sheets are also available online. If you are considering showing at State Fair or Ak-Sar-Ben, DNA samples will need to be collected. 4-Hers are responsible for contacting a Livestock Committee member to inspect your animals and sign off on the ID sheet.  Livestock committee members include:  Kurt Busenitz (823-4136),Brent Collier (425-3333), Cody Gale (823-4147), Debbi Hoffman (967-3028), RJ Luthy (376-1128), Eric Ravenscroft (376-2332) and Shane Wobig (308-684-3573).  Call any of these members to schedule an appointment. 

Photography Clinic

  • 4-Hers are invited to attend a photography workshop with Duane Gudgel and Darlene Meyer on Tuesday, June 18. All experience levels are welcome, but the main emphasis will be in the projects Focus on Photography and Controlling the Image. The workshop will be from 2-5pm at the Cherry County Extension Office. Bring your camera with a card or we have a few available to use at the Extension Office. We will be walking about so be sure to wear comfortable shoes. Please RSVP to the Extension Office at 402-376-1850 or email jdexter3@unl.edu.

Cherry County 4-H Family Livestock Judging Contest & Quality Assurance

  • The Cherry County 4-H Program invites all 4-H families interested in spending time together and evaluating livestock to attend the Cherry County 4-H Family Livestock Judging Contest. This is an awesome opportunity for inter-generational interaction. 4-H clubs and individuals are also welcome to take part in this family event!

Livestock judging allows 4-H & FFA members to improve their basic livestock evaluation/selection skills and provide a good foundation for decision making skills.

Mike Roeber, Northeast Community College Livestock Judging Team Coach will conduct a brief clinic on placing factors, terminology and oral reasons format at 6:00 pm.

Quality Assurance hands-on training will take place following the judging contest while results are tabulated.

DATE:                    Tuesday, June 25

TIME:                    Clinic: 6:00 pm:      Registration 6:30 pm & Contest 7:00 pm

LOCATION:         Valentine Livestock Auction

Divisions will include Clover Kid (5-7), Junior (8-10), Intermediate (11-13), Senior (14-18), Adult (19 & up). Teams will consist of three or more immediate family members. Team total scores will consist of the highest three scores from each family team.

Special Foods Clinic

  • NEW this year in the Healthy Lifestyles project areas we are adding a new event called Special Foods! In the Special Foods contest each participant will have 90 minutes to prepare a main dish for a meal and complete a place setting. During the preparation time the judge will observe and score on components including: measuring method, presentation of finished place setting, knowledge of nutrients and personal diet needs. This contest will be held in conjunction with clothing day on July 16.

We will be hosting a workshop that will prepare you for this new event. During the workshop you will learn: proper measuring, place settings, menu planning, nutritional requirements and proper attire for the event, as well as answer any questions that 4-Hers or parents may have. The workshop will be offered at the Cherry County 4-H Building on June 27th. This will be set up in two sessions with ages 8-12 participating from 10am to 1pm.  The second session will be for 4-Hers age 13 and up and will be from 1 – 4 pm.  A second workshop will also be offered at the Nenzel Community building on June 26th at 10 am MT, for all ages. Register for either of the workshops on or before June 19, by calling the Extension Office at 402-376-1850 or emailing Ben at benshelbourn@outlook.com.

Clip & Fit and Showmanship Clinic

  • Stephen McIntyre will be hosting a clipping, fitting and showmanship clinic for Cherry County 4-Hers. This clinic will take place at the Cherry County Fairgrounds on July 7, starting at 2 PM, CT. 4-Hers are encouraged to bring their cattle along with a chute, clippers, fitting supplies and a showstick. If you have questions about what to bring, be sure to call the Extension Office. Pre-registration is not required but call or email jdexter3@unl.edu to give an idea of how many will be attending.

Energy Exploration Day Camp

  • 4-Hers, ages 8 and older, interested in exploring the world of energy will have a perfect opportunity on Tuesday, July 9 at the Cherry County Fairgrounds.  Youth will experience many activities:

Wired for Wind – In this activity, you will learn how windmills work to create electricity.  You will then get to design your own windmill and shape the blades into your favorite shapes to see which one creates the most electricity.

Biofuels – You will learn that different plant materials (apples, grass, corn starch) dissolve easier and are more easily turned into a fuel source than others because of their chemical structure with hands on chemistry activities.

Bioenergy Trivia – You will learn and be quizzed over topics such as corn ethanol, ethanol producers, and other types of ethanol.  You will respond to the questions with clickers and be placed into teams.

Mining ChoCOALate – Do you ever wish there were more chocolate chips in a cookie?  In this activity you will be given various tools to dig out chocolate chips from a cookie, much similar to how coal is dug out of the ground.  You will see what it can mean to run out of a resource.

The Appliance Challenge – Have you ever wondered how much electricity a toaster, PlayStation, or even a computer uses?  We will use a tool that measures these things and will be able to show you how much power you save if you simply turn it off when you’re not using it.

Bioenergy Trivia – You will learn and be quizzed over topics such as corn ethanol, ethanol producers, and other types of ethanol.  You will respond to the questions with clickers and be placed into teams.

The camp will start at 10 AM, CT, and conclude at approximately 4 PM. Youth should bring a sack lunch. There is no charge for the camp, but pre-registration is required on or before July 8.


Clover Kid Fun Days

  • Cherry County youth, ages 5 to 7, will explore projects in A Space for Me, Road to Good Cooking and Just Outside the Door.  4-H enrollment is not a requirement to participate, so bring your friends.  The last Clover Kid day will be Thursday, July 11. Meeting place and time will be announced soon.  4-H Jr. Leaders are planning and leading the events on this day. Clover Kids will go home with projects that will be ready to enter into the Cherry County Fair.  Fee for materials and snacks is $3 for each day.  Register by calling the Extension Office at 402-376-1850 or email Ben Shelbourn at benshelbourn@outlook.com by July 9. Make sure to wear clothes that are “everyday” and can be stained.

Fairgrounds Clean-up

  • All 4-H families are encouraged to help get the Cherry County Fairgrounds cleaned up and ready for fair. Clean-up day will be Sunday, July 28 starting at 1:00 PM, CT. Come whatever time you can. Bring gloves, shovels, rakes and any other equipment you need with you. If you have questions, call Council President, Brent Collier at (402) 425-3333. The Livestock Committee will also be setting up pens and doing stall assignments.

 Horse Reminders

  • The Cherry County 4-H Horse Committee is conducting four opportunities to allow 4-H Horse project members to practice their riding skills and work on completing all aspects of Advancement Levels I, II, and III testing requirements, including riding skills tests, written tests, demonstrations, reports, etc.  RSVP to the Office by the indicated date is required. All events will be in Valentine at the Fairgrounds.  The schedule is:

June 12 – Practice & Levels Testing – 6 PM CT – RSVP by June 10

July 16 – Practice & Levels Testing – 6 PM CT – RSVP by July 14

Be sure to bring along your 4-H Horse Advancement Levels book.


4-H Fair Schedule & Information

  • The 2013 Cherry County 4-H Fair schedule is available at http://cherry.unl.edu/cherrycounty4h. All fair entry forms can be found there as well. All entries, except clothing, are due to the Cherry County Extension Office on or before July 24. Entries forms are available on our website or you may call the Office for a hard copy.

 County Fair Clothing Day & Special Foods Contest

  • SEW NOW! Cherry County’s 2013 Clothing Day and Fashion Show is fast approaching. It will be held Tuesday, July 16. It is tentatively scheduled to be held at the Valentine High School. The Special Foods contest will be held in the morning with the construction judging of sewing, quilting and needle arts projects to begin in the afternoon.  The public Fashion Show will be held in the school auditorium in the early evening.  Exact starting times will depend upon the number of entries to be judged and styled. An agenda with detailed information will be sent to 4-Hers after entries are received.  Entry forms can be found at http://cherry.unl.edu/cherrycounty4h. Contact the Extension Office if you prefer a hard copy. Entry forms are due on or before July 10, including the style review narration. Narrations will not be re-written. They will be read as submitted, so please be complete, creative and make the narration long enough to span the time it takes to model the outfit on stage.  Project judging on Clothing Day includes: Knitting, Crocheting, Needle Arts, Quilt Quest, Attention Shoppers, Shopping in Style, Clothing Level I, Clothing Level II, Sewing for You, Sewing for Fun, Tailoring and Decorate Your Duds.

 Livestock Quality Assurance (QA)

  • Quality can mean different things to different people. Quality in livestock might mean how an animal looks, its potential breeding value or how the meat looks and tastes.  Assurance means a pledge or promise. So, quality assurance for livestock producers means making a promise to consumers-the people who consume the meat, milk and dairy products, and eggs that come from livestock and poultry. The promise we make is that products from our 4-H livestock will be the highest possible quality and we will do everything we can to make these products safe to eat.

All 4-H members in the beef, sheep, swine, goat, dairy, rabbit and poultry projects need QA training. Members must have completed the training to be eligible to exhibit at the county fair. 4-Hers have two options for completing QA training. Hands-on training will be held following the livestock judging contest on June 25 (see info below) or 4-Her’s can now complete their Livestock Quality Assurance requirement online.  4-Her’s completing their quality assurance requirement online must complete three modules and present their three certificates to the Extension Office prior to entry day on July 24. For more information about registering and using the online system, go to http://4h.unl.edu/qualityassurance.  Password is Nebraska. Another option for Intermediate and Seniors is to “test out” at the Extension Office.

 Shooting Sports Schedule