Animals Inside & Out

Plan to attend the animal systems program on Thursday, July 25, at the Cherry County Extension Office. This fast-paced, fun program will provide hands-on learning that teaches about animal systems. 4-Hers will learn about livestock and their uses, basic terminology, livestock breeds and livestock body systems and life cycles of organisms. Youth will learn about muscles and tendons, basic animal needs, circulatory system, different digestive systems. We will be dissecting, building tendons and much more!  The program will be from 9 to 3 at the Extension Office. Bring a sack lunch. RSVP by July 24 so that we have enough supplies on hand. Call 402-376-1850 or email Ben Shelbourn at

 Fair Entries

All entries for the Cherry County Fair are due on or before July 24. Entry forms can be found at or may be picked up at the Extension Office. A complete schedule of 4-H events is also available on the website.

 Static Exhibits   

Static Exhibits are those entries that are displayed in the Exhibit Hall, such as photography, food, woodworking, etc. that are judged with the interview judging process. (The 4-Her must be present to be interviewed by the judge about his/her project exhibit).  4-Hers have the option of pre-entering items by July 24. This will make your check-in time for Interview Judging shorter, as the entry tag cards will already be printed and waiting for you. If you prefer, as in the past, you may bring the properly completed form with your exhibits when you come to Interview Judging. Your entries will then be entered into the computer and your entry tags will be printed at that time.

Shooting Sports

An additional Trap practice will take place on July 22nd at 7:00 at the Fairgrounds.  .22 practice will be held Monday night as well, starting at 6:00. The County Shoot will be on Thursday, August 1, starting at 4:00. Entries for the County Shoot-off are due July 24. Hunter Education classes are scheduled on August 1 at 6:00. If this is a conflict for you, please indicate on your entry form that you need to be in the first rotation. If you want to compete in all disciplines, there may not be enough time for you to be finished by 6:00, so please indicate your first and second preferences for competition. I will do my best to accommodate those that are attending Hunter’s Safety classes so you can still compete and be to your class on time.

4-H & FFA State Fair Livestock Entry Information

FFA and 4-H are sharing an online entry system and are allowing exhibitors/parents to submit their entries for the first time in 2013. You can find a link called 4-H and FFA Online Entries here: Families will find a link to the State Fair Livestock entry website, a PDF with entry instructions and a YouTube video with entry instructions.

4-H and FFA exhibitors and their families are responsible for submitting all livestock entries online this year. This includes:

• 4H and FFA Livestock entries

• 4H Companion Animal entries

• 4H Dog entries

• 4H Dog Skillathon entries

• 4H and FFA Premier Exhibitor entries

Registration opens on July 1. All livestock entries must be submitted no later than 11:59 PM Central Time on August 10, 2013. A credit or debit card is required to submit entries.

4-H Static Exhibit Registration will continue to be entered by the local Extension Office staff.

Fairgrounds Clean-up

All 4-H families are encouraged to help get the Cherry County Fairgrounds cleaned up and ready for fair! Clean-up day will be Sunday, July 28 starting at 1:00 PM, CT. Come whatever time you can. Bring gloves, shovels, rakes and any other equipment you need. If you have questions, call Council President, Brent Collier at (402) 425-3333. The Livestock Committee will also be setting up pens and doing stall assignments.

 4-H Service Learning App Now Available!

Have you recently completed a community service-learning project?  Help us tell the 4-H story. Take a few minutes to share your project and the result with 4-H members and stakeholders around the state.  Visit and tell others about your good work.  We want to know what you did, where you completed your project, how many hours you contributed, the number of people involved and the monetary value of your contributions.  This will be a great way to share your good work and track the hours and value of contributions. It only takes 5 minutes to add your project.  Please take time now to share your good works.

Selecting and Preparing Vegetables, Herbs, and Fruit for Exhibits at County Fairs and the Nebraska State Fair

Exhibiting the produce from the garden can be a rewarding and exciting way to finish a successful gardening season. Exhibiting helps youth learn how to show off their hard work and learn how to grow the best fruit and vegetables. Each time youth exhibit, they’ll learn more about gardening skills and the garden crops they grow. This knowledge and skill will be useful for the rest of their life. Check out the new Selecting and Preparing Vegetables, Herbs, and Fruit free download available on the Nebraska 4-H Curriculum Home Page: This guide will help 4-H members, project leaders, and parents know how to properly select, prepare, store, and ship these exhibits to be judged at county fairs and the Nebraska State Fair.

Team Fitting

Remember to call the Extension Office to sign up your team. For the third year, a different component has been added to the Team Fitting Contest.  At the conclusion of the fitting portion of the contest, instead of answering the judge’s questions or telling what you did to fit the animal, team members will make a marketing presentation about the animal they fit to the judge, as if the judge is a potential buyer.

Guidelines:  Presentations will be from 3 to 6 minutes long.  Each individual on the team is expected to speak during the time period.  The objective of each team will be to convince the “buyer” (judge) that he should “purchase” the team’s entry. Your presentation should include the performance or expected performance of your animal’s intended use.  (This is what the animal will do for you and why).  Other information you feel is important may be given.  Judges’ questions may not be limited to your presentation.

Scoring:   Knowledge – 25 points,  Ability to communicate – 25 points,  Team organization – 25 points,  Overall effect – 25 points.

Livestock Sale Brochures

Livestock Sale brochures were mailed out to all 4-Hers that had market animals ID’ed. There is a place on the brochure for 4-Hers to personalize and list their animals. Sellers are encouraged to visit with, and hand out brochures to potential buyers.  It is the responsibility of the 4-Her to get buyers to the sale.  The more you do to promote yourself and your animal, the better potential you have for a good sale!!  If you need more brochures stop by the Office.