Livestock IDs

All livestock, including breeding heifers, stocker feeders, cow/calf pairs, FFA bulls, bucket calves, dairy, dairy and meat goats, breeding and market sheep and bottle lambs must be tagged and ID forms turned in to the Extension Office no later than June 15. Because of PEDV, swine will not be transported for the ID day nor will committee members check them. Swine project members will be on an honor system for getting their animals tagged/notched and IDed. 4-H tags and ID sheets are available at the Extension Office. ID sheets are also available online at If you are considering showing at State Fair or Ak-Sar-Ben, DNA samples will need to be collected. DNA envelopes are available at the Office. County –wide ID day will be Monday, June 9 at the Cherry County Fairgrounds from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. If that date does not work, 4-Hers are responsible for contacting a Livestock Committee member to inspect your animals and sign off on the ID sheet. Livestock committee members that you may contact include: Kurt Busenitz (823-4136), Dale Bowlin (823-4337), Cody Gale (823-4147), Craig O’Kief (376-4133), Dan O’Kief (376-5142). Call any of these members to schedule an appointment. Everyone is busy. Remember to plan ahead if you are not coming to the county ID day. Do not call a committee member at the last minute and expect them to be able to come to you. Plan ahead.


Cherry County 4-H Family Livestock Judging Contest & Quality Assurance

The Cherry County 4-H program invites all 4-H families interested in spending time together and evaluating livestock to attend the Cherry County 4-H Family Livestock Judging Contest. This is an awesome opportunity for inter-generational interaction. 4-H clubs and individuals are also welcome to take part in this family event!

Livestock judging allows 4-H & FFA members to improve their basic livestock evaluation/selection skills and provide a good foundation for decision making skills.

Katie Ochsner, UNL Livestock Judging Alumni and BKR Extension Intern, will conduct a brief clinic on placing factors, terminology and oral reasons format at 6:00 pm.

Quality Assurance hands-on training will take place following the judging contest while results are tabulated.


DATE:                   Tuesday, June 24

TIME:                    Clinic: 6:00 pm:     Registration 6:30 pm & Contest 7:00 pm

LOCATION:         Valentine Livestock Auction       

Divisions will include Clover Kid (5-7), Junior (8-10), Intermediate (11-13), Senior (14-18), Adult (19 & up). Teams will consist of three or more immediate family members. Team total scores will consist of the highest three scores from each family team.


Jr Leaders

Any Junior Leader wishing to assist with the Quality Assurance session at the Livestock Judging contest, please contact Jody at 402-376-1850 or email


Livestock Quality Assurance (QA)

Quality can mean different things to different people. Quality in livestock might mean how an animal looks, its potential breeding value or how the meat looks and tastes. Assurance means a pledge or promise. So, quality assurance for livestock producers means making a promise to consumers-the people who consume the meat, milk and dairy products, and eggs that come from livestock and poultry. The promise we make is that products from our 4-H livestock will be the highest possible quality and we will do everything we can to make these products safe to eat.

All 4-H members in the beef, sheep, swine, goat, dairy, rabbit and poultry projects need QA training. Members must have completed the training to be eligible to exhibit at the county fair. 4-Hers have two options for completing QA training. Hands-on training will be held following the livestock judging contest on June 24 (see info above) or 4-Her’s can complete their Livestock Quality Assurance requirement online.  4-Her’s completing their quality assurance requirement online must complete three modules and present their three certificates to the Extension Office prior to county fair entry day on July 21.  Intermediate and Senior age youth may alternatively elect to take a test-out test. Practice test-out tests are available through the online course, however, the actual test is administered by the Extension Office. For more information about registering and using the online system, go to