2015 Cherry County 4-H Enrollment

Nebraska 4-H has implemented on-line registration for all 4-H families in 2015.  This will be the only method of enrollment available.  Cherry County 4-H members are encouraged to consider their areas of interest, and then determine the 4-H projects they would like to enroll in.

To help in project selection refer to:

Each 4-H household will need to create a family profile, and then youth information and project selection will follow in progression thru the on-line enrollment site.  Please note that if you are an independent club that you need to select the Cherry County Independents Club for the club name.  You do NOT have to fill in the Health Form portion.

Step by step instructions are available, if needed, to help with the enrollment process.

To enroll go to ne.4honline.com .

April 1 is the enrollment deadline for youth currently enrolled in Cherry County 4-H.  New members can enroll up until June 1.  There is a $5 enrollment fee payable to Cherry County 4-H Foundation-Council for each 4-H member.  The enrollment process will not be finalized until the fee is received at the Extension Office.  It is recommended that you stop at the office to drop off the fee and pick up the project manuals at the same time.

Information for leader and volunteer enrollments will be available at a later date.

Please call or stop by the Extension Office at 402-376-1850 if you need help.