Clover Kid enrollment information

As families are completing their enrollment information we have found that Clover Kids (ages 5-7) drop down project menu has more just the Cherry County Clover Kid projects to choose from.

To save yourself from having to go back and select projects again, please make sure that you are choosing from the projects that are available to this age group.

Projects for Clover Kids include:

Clover Kids: Aerospace – Aerospace 1

Clover Kids: Animals – Animals

Clover Kids: Citizenship – Family Celebrations Around the World

Clover Kids: Food & Nutrition – Making Foods for Me

Clover Kids: Home Environment – A Space for Me

Clover Kids: Outdoor Discovery – Just Outside the Door

Clover Kids: Safety – Bicycle Adventures 1

Clover Kids: Theater – Theater Arts 1

Don’t hesitate to contact the Cherry County Extension Office at (402) 376-1850 if you have questions. Please remember that enrollments are not “accepted” until the $5 enrollment fee is paid. Enrollments are due by April 1st. Health information does not have to be completed.

Enroll your members at