Valentine will be hosting a District Horse Show this year on June 11th. This is for 4-Hers ages 10 and up. Entries will be due to the Extension Office by May 15th. Horses will need to be I.D.’ed by this date as well as horsemanship advancement levels II and/or III completed and passed. The advancement level required depends on the classes you want to enter. The District Entry form outlines the Level II and III classes. It is located at If you are considering participating, please get started on your advancement levels. Level II examiners are Kari Qualley, Eve Millar, Jolene Egger, Wendy Bell and Heather Mizner. Level III examiners for Cherry County are Kari Qualley, Jenny Reece, Judy Reece and Colleen Williams. We will also need volunteers for the day. If you are interested in helping out, contact Jody Dexter at (402) 376-1850 or at