Cherry County’s 2015 Clothing Day is fast approaching. It will be held Tuesday, July 14 at the Valentine High School in the afternoon. Project judging on Clothing Day includes: Knitting, Crocheting, Needle Arts, Quilt Quest, Shopping in Style, STEAM Clothing I:Fundamentals, STEAM Clothing II:Simply Sewing, STEAM Clothing III:A Stitch Further, Tailoring ,STEAM Clothing: Beyond the Needle and Clover Kid sewing projects. The public Fashion Show will be held during County Fair on Friday, August 7 at 5:30 PM at the Fairgrounds.

Entry forms can be found at Contact the Extension Office if you prefer a hard copy. Refer to the 2015 Cherry County 4-H Premium book pages 22-29 to make sure the clothing projects are entered in the correct, new list of classes. Entry forms are due on or before July 6.

The style review narration must be submitted with the entry form by July 6. Refer to the 2015 Cherry County 4-H Premium book page 31 to make sure the fashion show entry is entered in the correct, new list of classes. Narrations will not be re-written. They will be read as submitted, so please be legible, complete, and creative.

Narration must be submitted in this format:

  • Name________________ Age _________________   4-H Club __________________

School __________________________________ upcoming grade in school__________

  • Plus, in 60 words or less, write a script about you and your outfit. Please emphasize fashion trends, not a detailed description of your outfit. Include in your script one new experience you had while selecting/constructing/modeling your outfit. This is in keeping with State Fair requirements.

Following are two examples of the kind of script envisioned:

Crisp white lines, cooled by silky blue navy, is the perfect fabric choice for Janet Smith from Rice County. She worked a miracle turning these fabrics into a stylized cardigan jacket, a pleated skirt, and a soft blouse. Janet enjoyed learning the art of making pleats with her skirt. This high school senior loves playing softball.

Dan Brown, from Block County, wears this grey European-cut, double-breasted suit he made from 100% wool. Dan sewed with wool for the first time this year. The fuller-cut, athletic fit is perfect for this high school junior, who will be a starter on his football team this fall.

 Please don’t hesitate to call the office if you need help.