Fair entries due July 20

The 2015 Cherry County 4-H Fair schedule is available at http://cherry.unl.edu/cherrycounty4h. All fair entry forms can be found there as well. Entries are due to the Cherry County Extension Office on or before July 20. A drop box is available near the front steps of the Extension Office if you cannot make it during business hours. Entries forms are available on our website or stop by the Office for a hard copy.

Static Exhibits    

Static Exhibits are those entries that are displayed in the Exhibit Hall, such as photography, food, woodworking, etc. that are judged with the interview judging process. The 4-Her must be present to be interviewed by the judge about his/her project exhibit. 4-Hers have the option of pre-entering items on the entry form found at http://cherry.unl.edu/cherrycounty4h, by submitting it to the Extension Office by the deadline of July 20. This will make your check-in time for Interview Judging shorter, as the entry tag cards will already be printed and waiting for you. If you prefer, as in the past, you may bring the properly completed form with your exhibits when you come to Interview Judging. Your entries will then be entered into the computer and your entry tags will be printed at that time.

Fairgrounds Clean-up

All 4-H Clubs and Independent members and their families are needed to help get the Cherry County Fairgrounds in tip top shape for the County Fair. Fairgrounds Clean-up day will be held Sunday, July 26 beginning at 2:00 PM,CT. Bring shovels, rakes, gloves and whatever tools you have to assist with trimming, mowing, pulling weeds and sweeping out the barns. Community Service is a big part of what 4-H is about and this is your opportunity to help out. When you arrive, check in with Ben to see what areas need work. Ag Society members will be on hand to organize and assist with specific tasks.


4-H Clubs are encouraged to participate in the Cherry County Fair Parade on Thursday, August 6 at 7:00 PM. This year’s theme is “Bee Kind Fair.” Entry forms can be found in the Fair insert to Valentine’s Midland News. Entry deadline is by noon on August 4 to KVSH Radio.

Public Fashion Show – new place and time

Everyone is welcome to attend this year’s 4-H Fashion Show on Thursday, August 6 at 5:30 PM. It will be held during the Fair on the Pavilion Stage. This year’s theme is “Bee Kind Fair”. There will also be styles showcased from local businesses. Come and support all the 4-H youth who have worked so hard this year on their projects.

Dog, Cat & Pet Exhibitors & Best Dressed Pet Contest

If you plan to show cats, dogs or other small animals or enter in the Best Dressed Pet contest, you need to read all the information in the 2015 Cherry County Fair Premium book on pages 87-90. Proof of vaccination must be attached to the Companion Animal entry form which is due to the Extension Office on July 20. Only those animals listed on page 90-91 are eligible to be shown at County Fair. The Posters class may include entries covering any companion animal (including reptiles, companion birds or others listed.) However, a poster should not display information about an animal which the exhibitor is actually showing at County Fair.

Team Fitting/Salemanship Contest    

The Team Fitting/Salemanship Contest is August 7 at 4:00 pm CT. Call the Office to sign up for this contest by July 20. Please make sure to arrange and have names for your team before the deadline. No additional teams can be added after the entries are received. Each team must include a member 13 or under.

Clover Kid Small Animal Show & Tell    

A Clover Kid Small Animal Show and Tell will be held with the Companion Animal Show on August 6. This is an opportunity for our young 4-H’ers to “show” their pets in a non-competitive setting. Dogs and cats must be on a leash. Submit the Companion Animal Entry Form by July 20 to participate. Please refer to page 87-91 of the 2015 4-H Premium Book for vaccination, kinds of pets, and other requirements.

4-H Dress Codes  

Remember to refer to the 2015 4-H Premium Book for proper dress codes for County Fair 4-H Activities. The 4-H Council will provide the official 4-H T-shirts to you for $4.00 each. Stop by the Extension Office to pick up your T-shirt before Fair. We have a limited selection of white long-sleeved shirts suitable for horse shows. If you need a white shirt for horse shows, stop by the Office to see if we have your size. The white shirts have been donated for that purpose and there is no charge.

Livestock Quality Assurance (QA)

If you plan to exhibit livestock at the fair and did not attend the QA training held after the Livestock Judging Contest or have not “tested-out” you will need to complete the on-line certification. To enroll and complete the course go to http://4h.unl.edu/qualityassurance. The enrollment key to log into the course is “Nebraska.” Complete instructions can be found on the website. Certificates may be dropped off at the Extension Office or e-mailed to jdexter3@unl.edu. The course must be completed before fair entries are due, July 20. To date, no Cherry County 4-Hers are listed as completing the course.

Sandhills Production Class

4-Hers that plan to enter the Sandhills Production class at county fair will need to complete an essay as part of their project. 4-Hers will be equally judged on completeness of information in the essay, live cattle evaluation at County Fair and personal interview.

Submit essay at check-in at County Fair.

This is a guideline of what the Sandhills Production essays should include. 4-Hers may add additional information that is important to their project.

Genetics/Pedigree: Pedigree if registered. Breed(s) of heifer.

Breeding Plan: What is it, or will it, be bred to? Natural, Embryo, or A.I?

Financial Statement: Cost associated with project, money borrowed and interest, projected income, etc.

Nutritional Program: What did your animal eat? Include range, hay, supplements, protein.

Veterinary Practices: Vaccinations, health program, parasite control.

What you have learned and future plans.

Ethics Affidavit & Statement of Disclosure

All 4-Hers that have animals going through the sale need to turn in the Ethics Affidavit & Statement of Disclosure at check-in/weigh-in. This is to ensure that you are a responsible food producer and that your animals have not received any non-approved drugs and that approved drugs are not within any withdrawal time relative to administration. The affidavits can be found under Fair Entry Forms at http://cherry.unl.edu/cherrycounty4h.