It’s the time of year for Career Portfolios!

What is a Career Portfolio?

  • It is a record of your 4-H experiences which builds year after year and shows growth in expertise and leadership in project areas.  It also keeps a record of 4-H activities and non-4-H experiences.

Why should you complete a Career Portfolio?

  • These statistics will be invaluable when you are older and applying for things such as National Honor Society and FFA positions and scholarships. All the information you need will be readily available and organized!
  • Career Portfolios are a competitive project.  You can apply for County awards, then at the State Level as you are older, with the Grand Prize being a trip to National 4-H Congress. In order to apply at the state level you need to have a history in your portfolio. Therefore, the reason to begin when you first become a 4-H member is that you have as complete of a record as possible.  If you have been a 4-H member for a few years, is it too late to begin a portfolio?  Absolutely not.

Dates to note on your calendar:

  • A workshop for completing your Career Portfolio will be held on August 31st from 6 to 8 pm, CT at the Cherry County Extension Office. This is for 4-Hers 8 and older. It is imperative that parents and leaders attend with the 4-Hers. Younger members will need adult guidance to complete the portfolio. Email if you plan to attend by August 26. If there is not enough interest in this workshop by the sign up date, it will not be held.
  • Completed portfolios are due to the Extension Office by September 30th.
  • We exchange the judging of the portfolios with another county. Results and awards from the Career Portfolio will take place during the 4-H Fall Festival on October 18.
  • Go to to find instructions and a downloadable copy. If you plan to attend the workshop on August 31, be sure you download a copy on your laptop and bring your computer. If you do not have a laptop be sure to print out a hard copy to bring with you. This workshop will give you instruction for filling out the portfolio. There will not be time to complete the whole thing.