The 2016 Communication & Expressive Arts Contest will be held on Friday, January 22nd 6:00 PM CT, in the auditorium of the Valentine High School. The important life skill of being able to speak before a group or to perform before a crowd can be strengthened by taking part in the 4-H CEA Contest.

Divisions include speech, public service announcements, presentations, music and talent. This year’s PSA theme is “4-H Grows Confidence.” Guidelines, details and entry forms can be found Deadline for registration is January 13th. If you prefer a hard copy of these documents, stop by the Extension Office to pick them up or call us at 402-376-1850.

Do you need help with a speech, presentation or public service announcement? 4-H Leader, Angie Jordan, has offered to help 4-Hers prepare for the Communications & Expressive Arts Contest. To schedule an appointment, contact Angie at (402) 376-3256, 322-1233 or email The upcoming Christmas break is the perfect opportunity to work on this important life skill!