Nebraska Extension in the Panhandle is launching a special, area-wide 4-H group in the Panhandle and north-central Nebraska to help members in grades 7 and 8 develop leadership skills while meeting other 4-Hers throughout the region.

The group is known as Leadership Opportunities for Growth in Nebraska 4-H (LOG N 4-H). A kick-off event is being planned for May 25-26 at the state 4-H camp at Halsey, where members will develop a mission statement, design a group T-shirt, and help create a leadership skill plan. They also will participate in a variety of fun activities designed to build leadership skills and group trust.

The cost to attend is $25, and applications are due by April 15. To apply, contact the Cherry County Extension office or find the application at Applications are either essay or video format. Scholarships are available for applicants who need them, through the Cherry County 4-H Foundation.

Following the organizational event, LOG N 4-H members will meet locally four times a year: two summer meetings, one meeting in between fall and winter sports, and one between winter and spring sports.