All 4-H fair entries are due Monday, July 25. Entries may be mailed, dropped off at the Extension Office or emailed to We have a drop box (mailbox) near the front steps of the building if you cannot get here during business hours.

Entries for everything expect what goes to the Exhibit Hall is pre-entered including:  Shooting Sports, Horse, Dog, Beef, Sheep, Swine, Companion Animals, Poultry, Rabbit, Clover Kid Small Animals, Bucket Calves, Goats and Dairy. Include Team Fitting on the Beef entry form.

Static exhibits may be pre-enter if you would like to have entry tags waiting for you on entry day of the fair. It is not required, but it will speed up check-in.

The $10 late fee will apply to all entries not received by July 25. Late entries will not be accepted after July 28.

All entry forms and the 4-H Fair schedule can be found at or stop by the Extension Office to pick them up.