This year we are adding a fun new contest to the Cherry County Fair, Ice Cream Making! Any 4-Her is eligible to complete in the ‘You Scream, I Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream’ contest that will be held on Thursday, August 11th beginning at 4 p.m. at the fairgrounds. Youth will create their very own Coffee Can Ice Cream with their choice of flavor and will be judged to decide who makes the ‘Sweetest Treat of them All’. To sign up, contact the Extension Office at 402-376-1850, or contact Ben at by Wednesday, August 10th at 5. Participants are required to bring all their own utensils and ingredients (Ice and Salt will be provided). The only main recipe to be used is as follows (you get to add your own flavor twist):


1 c. Milk

1 c. Whipping Cream

½ c. Sugar

½ tsp. Vanilla

Crushed Ice

Rock Salt


1 lb. Coffee can w/ lid (or similar container)

2 lb. Coffee can w/ lid (or similar container)



  1. Place milk, cream, sugar, and vanilla in 1 lb. (small) coffee can. Place on lid and shake to dissolve sugar.
  2. Place small can into 2 lb. (large) can and pack crushed ice around smaller can.
  3. Pour ¾ c. salt evenly on ice.
  4. Place lid on large can
  5. Pick a partner; roll the can back and forth for 10 minutes
  6. Remove small can and wipe off the outside. Remove lid and stir ice cream with spoon or spatula (this is also the best time to add different flavors to your ice cream). Replace lid.
  7. Drain water from large can and place small can back inside, repack large can with ice and add another ¾ c. salt.
  8. Roll the can back and forth between your partner and you for 5 more minutes.
  9. Remove small can and wipe clean.
  10. Scoop out ice cream and enjoy!


Here are just a few flavor suggestions. Come up with whatever crazy flavor you can think of!

Flavor Suggestions

Nut Brittle: Grind or Crush nut brittle, add 1/3 to ½ c.

Raspberry or Strawberry: In step 1, add 1-2 drops red food coloring, 1/2 c. berries

Chocolate: In step 1, add 3-4 Tablespoons

Cherry Mint: In step 1, as 1-2 drops green food coloring and a few drops of mint extract. (Do NOT add vanilla) Add ½ c. chopped maraschino cherries.

Banana: Add ½ c mashed bananas and ½ tsp. lemon juice

Mint: In step 1, reduce vanilla to 1/8 tsp, add oil of peppermint to taste, 1-2 drops green food coloring

Peach: Add ½ c. mashed peaches

Chocolate chip: Add ½ c mini chocolate chips

Peppermint stick: In step 1 add 1-2 drops red food coloring. Add ¼-1/3 c. finely crushed peppermint sticks