The Cherry County 4-H web page has been updated to conform to the new UNL website format.  Utilization of the website should provide you with answers to nearly all of your 4-H related questions.

From click on Cherry County 4-H.  The drop down menu has the same topics as those in the grey box area.  Information that is available from there includes:

CHERRY COUNTY 4-H ALERT NEWSLETTER – all previous newsletters are posted here.

CHERRY COUNTY 4-H SUMMER EVENTS SCHEDULE AND INFORMATION – list of all events currently scheduled for this summer.  A link back to the newsletter is included to obtain detailed information.  There is a search button at the top of the newsletter site to aid in finding specific activities.

CHERRY COUNTY 4-H ENROLLMENT – links to 4hOnline enrollment site, lists of Cherry County Projects and step by step enrollment instructions are found here.

CHERRY COUNTY 4-H PROJECT RESOURCES – Information and links to resources are available here.  Included at the current time are:

Project Manuals – purchasing information for 4-H manuals

Horse Project – Horse Packet which includes summer horse activities information and schedule, Advancement Levels guidelines, and link to Horse IDs

Livestock Projects

Fill in and printable Livestock Affidavits (IDs)

Sandhills Production Beef Class info

New QA Curriculum info and links

Photography – links to the new data tags required for 4-H Photography units

Shooting Sports – link to 2017 summer schedule

Citizenship Washington Focus – information and registration form for 2019 CWF trip

CHERRY COUNTY FAIR EVENTS RESOURCES – Everything related to County Fair can be found here:

2017 County Fair schedule

2017 County Fair Premium book – includes all guidelines and policies for fair                                                                      entries

2017 Fair Events Entry forms – entry forms for all county fair activities will be                                                                                                     posted here


Additionally, at the right side are green bars with UPCOMING EVENTS posted on the UNL Cherry County Events Calendar.  Clicking on these bars will provide general information with appropriate links to detailed information.  There is a search feature on the calendar site to locate specific activities you may be interested in.